The Rise of Edgard Corona: Owner of Smart Fit

 Edgard Corona, a prominent entrepreneur in the fitness
industry, has made a name for himself as the owner of Smart Fit, one of the
fastest-growing gym chains in the world. With a vision for accessible fitness ,
Corona has revolutionized  the way people approach their health and wellness. 

Corona’s journey started when he founded Bio Ritmo, a
pioneering fitness company in Brazil, back in 1996. Recognizing the need for a
new approach to managing sports-related businesses , he implemented innovat ive
strategies that propelled the company to new heights. In 2008, Corona took it a
step further by creating Smart Fit, a gym chain focused on providing affordable
fitness options to a wide range of consumers. 

Under Corona’s leadership, Smart Fit quickly became a
powerhouse in the fitness industry. The company’s   unique business model,
offering quality facilities and equipment at competitive prices, appealed to a
large audience. It wasn’t long before Smart Fit expanded beyond Brazil,
establishing a presence in countries throughout Latin America. 

In 2021, Smart Fit   made headlines with its successful
initial public offering (IPO) on the Brazilian stock exchange. The IPO
skyrocketed the company’s valuation and further solidified Corona’s position as
a leading figure in the fitness industry. His dedication to innovation, coupled
with his unwavering commitment to providing affordable fitness solutions, has
earned Corona both recognition and financial success. 

Beyond his role as the owner of Smart Fit, Corona has also
made a notable appearance as a “Shark” on the Brazilian version of
Shark Tank. His vast experience as an entrepreneur and investor a  dds valuable
insight to the show, as he evaluates and supports aspiring entrepreneurs
looking to make their mark in the business world. 

Edgard Corona’s journey from the sugar industry to fitness
mogul is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and determination. With his
visionary approach to business, he h as transformed the way people think about
fitness and made it more accessible to millions of individuals. As Smart Fit
continues to expand its reach, Edgard Corona’s influence in the fitness
industry shows no signs of slowing down.