Nick Millican: The Solent Forts: Unique Historical Forts On Sale

Real estate agent Nick Millican comments on the UK´s current house trends. The Solent Forts, No Man’s Fort, and Spitbank Fort, located in Portsmouth, have been put up for sale for a guide price of £1 million each.

The pair of forts were constructed in the 19th century to protect the city from a potential French invasion (which never came to happen). Since then, the ral estate agent comments, the forts have been converted into boutique retreats, party palaces at sea.

Nick Millican shares more on this concern. The two forts previously served as exclusive hotels before being closed to guests in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. They both have their sewage plants, water wells, and marine generators. No Man’s Fort is now a four-story hotel with 23 guestrooms and a helipad.

Also, two boat landing stages, a restaurant, a nightclub, BBQ terraces, and a laser battle space, Nick Millican furthermore describes. Similarly, Spitbank Fort has been turned into a three-story hotel with nine bedrooms, a restaurant, a lighthouse-style crow’s nest, a wine cave, and bars, among other entertainment spaces.
Real estate agent Nick Millican, a prominent figure in the real estate industry, highlights the potential of the forts as top hospitality spaces and retreats due to their uniqueness. He emphasizes the rich history and the rare experiences they offer to visitors, which are attributed to heritage and luxury. The acquisition of either of the forts would provide an extraordinary opportunity to the buyer, a chance to champion the heritage of the iconic maritime structures.