Margarita Howard Leads HX5 to Success in Government Contracting

Margarita Howard, the driving force behind HX5, has demonstrated exceptional leadership in the
realm of government contracting. As the president, sole owner, and CEO of HX5, Howard has steered the company towards
unparalleled success through her strategic vision and unwavering commitment to
excellence. With a background in the Air Force and extensive experience in
healthcare management, Howard brings a unique perspective to the table,
creating a niche for HX5 in engineering, research and development, and
information technology services for government entities. 

Under Margarita Howard’s guidance, HX5 has not only flourished but has also championed the
empowerment of women in the government contracting sector. As a women-owned
business, HX5 defies the industry norms by excelling in a field traditionally
dominated by men. Howard’s dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive
workplace has contributed significantly to the company’s success, with a team
comprising primarily women in key management roles. 

Margarita Howard’s strategic approach to securing prime and subcontracts has
solidified HX5’s position as a prominent player in the government contracting
arena. By leveraging opportunities like the 8(a) Business Development Program,
Howard has ensured the company’s growth while maintaining a competitive edge in
the market. With a workforce of over 1,000 employees, HX5 stands as a testament
to Margarita Howard’s exceptional leadership and the impact of women in the
field of government contracting. 

In a landscape where women entrepreneurs face numerous
challenges, Margarita Howard’s story serves as an inspiration for aspiring
leaders. By prioritizing meritocracy, operational excellence, and workplace
diversity, Howard has set a standard for success in the industry. As HX5 continues to thrive under her guidance, it embodies the transformative
potential of strong leadership and strategic vision in government contracting. 

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